7 Ways Content Marketing Can Help you Succeed

content marketing

As of 2019 there are over 4 billion active users on the internet, and 3 billion of them use social media.

This means that there is quite a bit of opportunity for you to grow your brand, and achieve massive success for your business.

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of spreading around your brand, therefore growing awareness, and gaining new customers.

Content marketing is all about focusing of the creation, publishing, and distribution of valuable content online, with the express purpose being to reach your targeted audience, and generating profitable customer interactions.

The ultimate goal of this is creating long-term sustainable growth.

Despite the immense impact that it has on businesses not many marketeers can successfully create a content marketing strategy, in fact 63% of businesses don’t even have a documented content strategy.

Therefore in order to help you cultivate a successful content strategy, I have created this short guide.

1. Make Sure That You Have A Clear Business Goal In Mind.

The sheer amount of content that you can create for your social media channel can be overwhelming.

However, you can help control, and streamline this by remembering that each and every piece of content you create needs to have a clear goal, also keep in mind that just getting a lot of views, isn’t a goal.

No matter the content you decide to create, make sure that it is related to your target audience.

Also its important that your content ties back to your business. Utilize analytics to make sure that your content is reaching the correct people as well.

2. Understand The Buyer’s Journey.

If you want to be a great content marketer than you need to understand that the content you create should entertain, and educate a buyer at any stage of their journey.

Whilst your content should of course draw new visitors to your site, it should also be able to convince the more hesitant prospects to purchase your products, while encouraging customer retention, and increasing brand loyalty.

3. Rely On Analytics To Track Your Performance.

Having quality content is important, but if it isn’t converting your visitors, and prospects into customers you might as well not be releasing any content at all.

This is where analytics comes in handy, by carefully monitoring, tracking, watching, and reporting the numbers, you’ll be able to tell what’s working and what isn’t.

Effectively this allows you to discard useless content, while creating more popular content to replace it.

Traffic may be important, but conversion rates are what you should truly be focusing on.

One of your social media channels may get a lot of traffic, but have comparatively low conversion rates, while another has low traffic but much higher rates of conversion.

In this instance it may be a good idea to focus on developing the social media channel with higher rates, even if the traffic isn’t as good.

4. Keep Content Consistent And Up To Date.

Keep your SEO strategies simple in order to ensure that your content stays up to date, and relevant to search engines. There are a few things you can do to help with this.

  • Exclude the year in the URL when optimizing content, after all you can change the content, but it’s best to not have to change the URL.
  • Instead put the year in the title of your content.
  • Schedule your editorial calendar so that it reminds you at least once a year to revisit your old content, then keep it up to date by, updating the title tag, meta description, and content itself.

As I previously stated, when and if you update the content on a specific page it is best to leave the URL alone, this way you don’t lose any back links associated with it. Also don’t create unnecessary redirects,

Consistency is key, publishing content consistently will help you rank in SERPs as well as grow trust in your brand.

5. Have A Historical Adaptation Strategy.

Historical adaptation is the process of taking old, but high quality content, and revamping it to into your current content. If content is high quality and long lasting there isn’t any reason to just let it go to waste after all.

6. Repurpose Your Content.

Creating content that is both useful and engaging, takes time, effort, and more than a little talent. So by finding different ways to recycle your old content your ensuring peak efficiency.

Repurposing your content, can be used a couple of ways, say your content is a blog post, well by repurposing the content of that post into a short video, you can allow new people outside of your current audience to see it.

It also serves the purpose of allowing existing customers that may have missed it the first time around a second chance to see it.

7. Ensure Your Brand Voice Remains Steady Across All Channels.

No matter how large or small your company may be, or how many people you may employ. You need to be careful to ensure that your brand voice stays the same across all media channels.

If you make a youtube video, and somebody clicks on a blog post in the description you don’t want them thinking. “Jeez, this doesn’t seem like the same company at all.”

No you want the exact opposite of that, keep your branding consistent across all channels, no matter how many you use.

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